I gave birth to these white lines that now feel as if they’re become the whole of the world. I’ve pulled them from within me and nurtured them into growth. How thinly they spread out, a fine lace upon everything dark, everything green. I can now, in the faded light of January feel this breath […]

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Accomplishments Past

I may not feel resolution are wise, but I do feel a review of accomplishments is. 2018 was a strange year. It began with me feeling somewhat lost. I’d approached that point in life where all my kids finally were either in school or working full time. After twenty years of being a stay at […]

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Anti Resolution

Year after year, I hear of these ridiculous notions that new starts happen based on calendar dates. It’s a lie. I’ve never had a New Years resolution and I promise, I never will. Year upon year, you slowly either become what you want to become, or you do not. I feel the years fading into […]

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Hearth & Home

I could cluster away all that darkness, the cool of it against the inner sides of my bones, but life has too much light for such deep worries. I’ve decided on restfulness, on hearth & home.

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Staying Scarred

I’ve been breathing deep and staying scarred I have newsprint on my nose from burying myself so deep I’m icky inside. I’m tired. I’ve been elbowed out of the way, right where my ribs were already bruised I’m gaping, mouth wider than my eyes, gashed open, for all to see What’s this hungry thing looking […]

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