Hope of a Blessing

however black some days begin, the cold of morning that tainted with that thin promise of spring clinging to me like the skin of yesterdays long broken free from, I still feel warmth, somewhere, beyond these crazed darknesses Always warmth and light find me inside this cold and dark tomorrow. what is the promise you […]

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I Could Choke

there, on whatever pit came tumbling down and out my near carcass gasping how morning always comes with some broken chill I’m vagrant, wandering & ill I’ve tried to reach back, to clutch that wisp of you fading off into the blush strokes of dawn watery & thin & lovely pooling loosely on the beginning […]

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Florida In Spring

This warmth breath came up like a touch unexpected of sunlight, breaking off the night If you’re there, wandering against the door, wandering and wandering some more Like those old days that sit in the back room with a soft scald of dust, lost and roaming, the touch and the gloaming We’re just a warm […]

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I gave birth to these white lines that now feel as if they’re become the whole of the world. I’ve pulled them from within me and nurtured them into growth. How thinly they spread out, a fine lace upon everything dark, everything green. I can now, in the faded light of January feel this breath […]

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