Staying Scarred

I’ve been breathing deep and staying scarred I have newsprint on my nose from burying myself so deep I’m icky inside. I’m tired. I’ve been elbowed out of the way, right where my ribs were already bruised I’m gaping, mouth wider than my eyes, gashed open, for all to see What’s this hungry thing looking […]

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I collapsed up my lung & dreamt in the sputum colours of this muted sun After all that summer sweet this song became a soul stuck on repeat But then I sunk beneath the sky, the bitter bile, the buttered cry Out of dusk came the long expanse that fall between the look toward, a […]

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Right Beside

…and I could dream right beside you I could sit there in that heap of rotting rose petals & weep or smile I could pretend this perfume doesn’t have all this agony I could remember the summer light & the gentleness of breezes as they dip & twist through my ever holey heart I could, […]

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Age Grew Upon Me

Once upon some strange time, some strange place, some strange heart, age grew upon me, like clusters of lichen on some very old tree, barely alive but so far from death. I felt beauty where souls are harsh & broken & the edges of sanity are ripped wide, and teeth have long since fallen. I’m […]

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It’s All Quiet Vacancy

Hush became everything, beaten & barren I’d fly, some where but it’s all vacancy & visions, illusions Poor replacements—insecure facsimiles Ice is my comfort, where light is a shimmery refraction of something brighter I’ve gazed where all the world ends & tips beyond I’d fly away, but it’s just another cage

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Left Dreaming

I found everything that I’d spied & left dreaming in the sand lay warm in my chest—a toasted, golden reminder of something else beyond these gasping winter breaths. There is a rush there where everything is open & wild & time has a nothingness that I wish could stretch beyond the smooth clutch of one […]

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